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Founders of Eventmithra

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Mr. Manjunatha, coming from a rural background himself, always envisioned making a difference to the society. He believes giving a livelihood to someone is the simplest form of support he could do to an individual and their family. On the other hand, being an entrepreneur himself for over a decade, he understands the trouble an entrepreneur takes to build a sustainable and a profitable organization. With these thoughts in mind, he conceptualised Eventmithra, a holistic event organiser. He is the founder of Rupeetrees Management Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, a reputed Financial Services Consulting Company which is now the holding company and under its wings are Money Mithra Services Pvt. Ltd, Eventmithra Pvt. Ltd and HR Mithra Pvt. Ltd.



Mrs. Kumari K N, wife of Mr. Manjunatha PM has joined hands with her spouse as a director of Eventmithra Pvt. Ltd, to make this dream come true. While Mr. Manjunatha is like the Foundation to the organization, Mrs. Kumari is the backbone who believes that a motivated workforce is the most important asset to her company. Though a director, Mrs. Kumari works as an employee herself and looks into the Finance and Accounts aspects of the companies they hold.

Eventmithra love events, we are passionate about them and take each one personally. Our passion and dedication, combined with the experience of our event specialists enables us to exceed client expectations.

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